Mistress Davina of Leeds & Bradford

Sessions in the Leeds Chambers of Depravation

If you are seeing me for the first time, or if you are looking for a session of one or two hours in the Leeds and Bradford Chambers of Depravation, I am available most weekdays with my first appointment at midday and my last at 6.00pm.

Before each session, we will have an informal discussion about what you are hoping for from the session. All fetishes and fantasies need to be discussed and you should try to be clear about what you like and dislike. Do you, for instance, like to remain silent throughout or do you prefer verbal interaction? These sort of things are important if we are both to get the best out of the session. I am not averse to polite requests for particular dress styles so if you have a specific penchant I may choose to accommodate you if it suits the mood.

I like to think that the memory of a session with me is something you will reflect on happily for a while after. I am happy to offer the following activities; simply click on the links below to find out what is in store for you


  • Cock and Ball Play (CBT)

    Other Mistresses refer to it as cock and ball torture but I prefer the word “play” as it encompasses both the gentle, sensual touch as well as the excruciating, if that is what you desire. In either case you surrender your most intimate parts to the mercy of my imagination, as I take you on a journey of sensations that you will remember for a long time to come. I have plenty of toys for the purpose, but more importantly I have my hands, fingers and fingernails; flesh on flesh, what could be more natural? If you have a real desire to submit to your Mistress, what better gesture could there be than to trust Her with that which defines your life?

  • Corporal Punishment

    Bent over my horse, arms and legs securely strapped, I will first rub your invitingly exposed backside to assess what I think it will take before seductively dragging my implements of punishment over your flesh to get your nerves fully awakened. Then come the strokes. Gentle, moderate, harsh or judicial, the choice is yours. I do not have to leave any marks if you do not want Me to, but if you would like to take away a little “souvenier” it will be My pleasure to leave you suitably adorned….

  • Bondage

    One of my favouites! Whatever you are in your vanilla life in bondage you are mine. You have no power; you are helpless. Strapped onto my “Bondage Board” secured inside my sleep sack on the “Stretching Rack” I could even strap you onto my “Fetters Bondage Wheel” whatever I decide you will be at my mercy, I can assure you of that !. Will I just leave you in bondage for its own sake, or will I use it as a method of restraint leaving you powerless to resist the wicked tortures I decide to inflict on your body? Whatever I choose to do you will have given yourself to me totally, and there is nothing more you can do but to relax and enjoy the feeling of complete submission, after all, that’s why you’re here, isn’t it….?

  • Rope Bondage

    One of the many varients on a theme, this is the one I particularly enjoy as it allows me to be so artistic. There are an infinite number of pretty patterns you can make with knots, each one rendering you more and more helpless! I have thick ropes, thin ropes, coloured ropes; a sort of three dimensional arist’s palate with which to grip the body you have so willingly surrendered to me.

  • Watersports

    The ultimate humiliation, or a precious gift? I suppose it sepends on your attitude of mind. A willing submissive will accept it as a gift of divine compassion from his beloved Mistress; others will splutter and choke, feeling utterly degraded. I get a deep feeling of satisfaction from both mentalities….

  • Nipple Play

    Once again, play can be exquisitely sensual or agonisingly painful. My usual ploy is to start gently and to see just how far we can go. Limits will always be respected but I am usually complemented on My ability to take a slave well beyond anything he ever thought he would be able to endure. Your little protrusions are so sensitive; some men love having them touched even more than their manhood and I have a vast array?of little implements to pleasure, tease and torment you with. I just love playing with men’s nipples; why else are they there? Scientists, evolutionists and doctors don’t seem to know the answer, but we do, don’t we, pet?

  • Rubber

    One of My favourite outfits, a gleaming, perfectly smooth, shiny skin clinging to My gorgeous curves! Or perhaps you would like the experience of being encased in a tight, restrictive fabric, to feel my gentle touch through another layer, to experience how the precicely positioned sting of a cane can be dispersed to a much greater area of your body. The possibilities?with this sensual fabric are limitless.

  • Over The Knee (OTK)

    Over My knee, for a good, old fashioned spanking. Bare hand, hairbrush, paddle, strap, an array of different sensations all heightened by the fact that your naked flesh is in direct contact with My beautiful stockings, boots, or even My own bare flesh. A truly intimate way of experiencing pain and pleasure, reserved of course only for those who have shown Me the unconditional respect that goes hand in hand with submission. Do not assume you will be granted this privilege; it is usually the unassumung devotee who earns it.

  • Caning

    Caning is a punishment that you could very easily find yourself summond to Mistress Davina’s study for. You will gently knock on Mistress’s study door until given permission to enter. Once inside , you will see before you an array of implements displayed on her highly polished Desk. If you look to the right of you, that’s where you will find the assortment of Mistress’s canes, and that’s why your here isn’t it ? Mistress not only will cane your bottom in the study, but she will bend you over, have your trousers down and cane you out in the garden ! Come and take your punishment which you richly deserve, and so desperatly crave….

  • Whipping

    The classic image of the Mistress in her high healed boots, leather corset, whip in hand suits Me very well! But that is just the icing on the cake; I have a variety of whips and floggers made from many different materials, many designed for specific parts of your anatomy and each capable of causing its own, very special sensation. We could buil;d an entire session around the whip, every inch of your body receiving the attention of My fabulous collection….

  • Tawse

    A Scottish speciality, but just as welcome as the whisky that crosses the border! This can be REALLY severe if you think you can take it (go on, make my day!) but a little taste of it needn’t leave you with any marks. It’s worth it just to hear the unique sound it makes as it kisses your flesh; music to My ears!

  • Anal Training

    Your little hole, my little bit of fun! A single, well lubricated finger for the novice, a full fisting for the more experienced, a variety of sizes and shapes of dildo for you to try, vegetables, fruit, nettles! If there’s something you want inserting I’ll find a way of getting it up there! Want a good flushing out? I am an expert at giving enemas so you’re in safe hands. There’s just so much fun to be had here; shall we see what you can take?

  • Dildo Worship

    There is not much about a man that a Mistress might envy, but if there is one thing that She would really like to have it would be the ability to give someone a really good fucking. My strapons suit me fine in this respect; kiss them before they enter you, kneel before them and wish that your own flesh and blood could be this rock hard! Then feel the full force as you are taken by me, and think of all the unwanted attention your species has plagued Us, the superior race with. You’re a martyr, suffering for the crimes of your kind. That should make you feel even better than the fucking you’re going to get!

  • Mummification

    I love to restrain a person’s body in a non-damaging way by wrapping it head to toe in materials like clingfilm, cloth, bandages, latex or linen sheet, rubber strips, plaster bandages, sleep sacks, or straitjackets. The end result being a person completely immobilized and looking like an Egyptian mummy. Then be left in a state of sensory deprivation for a period of time, or sensually stimulated in their state of bondage, before being released from their wrappings.

  • Shaving / Body Waxing Fetish

    Do you appreciate my beautifully smooth body, my delicate soft skin? Do you wish that your hard, hairy, masculine appearance to be a little less harsh? Well then, I have just the treat for you. The experience of having your bodily hairs removed using waxing strips can be both heavenly and exhilarating. The sudden pain as I pull on the wax strips is soon offset as the endorphines kick in. You must inform me by email that you wish to engage in this fetish to ensure that I have the correct items before hand

    The main attraction in shaving is the sense of vulnerability. The human skin – especially in the genital area – suddenly becomes very soft and the feeling is totally different. To many submissives a shaven genital area is a secret sign of submission. The submissive feels it every day, maintaining it is an act of surrender and a powerful reminder of his place. It can also be a very humiliating experience, if that is what you are into.

  • Judicial Caning


    This is not for the faint hearted. This is serious. You will be physically marked and the bruises may take weeks to subside. My judicial caning is a very formal scenario, and the only activity I indulge in where NO safeword will be given. It is absolutely brutal, so think VERY hard about asking for this. Okay, end of warning. If you KNOW that this is what you really crave, here’s what will happen.


    You will come to me with a short letter confessing your crime. I will inform you of the seriousness of your wrong doing and inform you of the number of strokes you will recieve, the minimum being two dozen. You will be strapped down so that you are completely unable to move before l take my time in administering your punishment, allowing you to savour the full impact of each excruciating stroke.

    I will aim for at least six places on your tender backside, but will also make sure that some of the strokes fall in exactly the same place, just to compound your suffering. Remember, this is not play; this is extreme, severe punishment and I will administer it sadistically showing absolutely no mercy. If, however, you know you are man enough to take it, it will be a deeply meaningful experience for both of us.

    Ponder my warning; submit if you dare.

  • Soft Bondage

    One of the many varients on a bondage theme. Some people like to feel restrained by rope or leather but some do not like the rough feel of ropes or leather on their lilly white soft skin.

    Many slaves like to feel the sheer elegance and natural feel of being bound by silk scarf’s.

    You may even like to be gagged by your mistress’s silk knickers, which may or may not have my fresh scent on them, and drift away on the aroma and taste of a true goddess.

    After the session you may be given the opportunity to buy my silk underwear that was used in the session.

    You must let me know prior to the session (in your contact email if possible) if you wish to purchase my silk knickers for a modest fee.

    So I can select the ideal pair for you.

  • Sploshing

    Do you love food ? No, not to eat this isn’t Masterchef – this is One Hundred and One things to do with a custard pie, some meringues, a few eggs, and anything else that feels, rather than tastes, sensual when used in an alternative way…… Not into a good, severe paddling? Then protect your tender arse with a Black Forest Gateaux ! Frightened of the riding crop that’s threatening your manhood ? Fill your underwear with eggs to “cushion” the blows, and enjoy the sensation as the raw eggs trickle down your legs as if you’ve cum like never before…! Celebrity chefs eat your hearts out – your imagination is a little conventional compared with Mistress Davina’s!

  • Electrics

    Do I detect a shiver of terror in you at the thought of what I could do to you with my electrical toys? Don’t worry (too much)! The mildest settings produce the most delicate of erotic sensations – you’ll love it! My new box has a variety of programmes and sequences which will have you gasping in ecstasy when nerves you never knew you had get stimulated to perfection. Hardened masochist? Don’t worry either. Enough said….

  • Feminisation

    I am beautiful but you are not. You’re a man for goodness sake! Handsome perhaps, average probably, ugly, well, I don’t discriminate. But beautiful? What planet are you on? But it doesn’t have to be like that. Given a makeover I can turn you into something a little less masculine, something a little softer, even a little more beautiful. Admire yourself in my fully mirrored chamber when I have finished transforming you. Lady or slut, the choice is yours, and I know plenty of people who would love to show a slut a good time; you only have to ask….

  • Nettles

    Isn’t nature good to us, providing toys which are free? Nettles are to bdsm what soft summer fruits are to the tastebuds. And they are so plentiful here! The Romans used nettles as sexual stimulants, so come to your Mistress for an education in classical civilisation; I’m a vey practical teacher! The after effects can tingle very pleasantly for 24 hours or so, well worth it after the initial shock, some of my slaves have told me. Are you brave enough to confirm their opinions?

  • Suction Pumps

    Very useful little gadgets, and they don’t hurt! So what, I hear you ask, is the point? Well, allow Me to enlighten you. They draw the blood closer to the surface, making sure your nerves are fully sensitised for whatever I choose to do next. Applied to your nipples they will make them stand erect and proud, perfect for attaching a variety of clamps, or ready for My sterilised needles to explore. They provide a little relief in the main course of your session; time for you to “relax” as you ponder what I am planning for dessert….

  • Suspension

    Another little activity that doesn’t actually hurt! A physical activity which plays on the mind, inducing just a little anxiety as the sheer helplessness of your situation becomes ever more apparent to you. Not an activity for anyone who likes to “keep their feet on firmly on the floor” but for those who want to take a flight with Me, the sky’s the limit.

  • Rack Stretching

    What was it that made brave men like Guy Fawkes betray their closest friends to certain death in the most barbaric fashion? Arms and legs wrenched agonisingly and mercilessly apart, the number of traitors in medieval times who remained silent on the rack can probably be counted on the fingers of one hand. What secrets will you reveal to me as I gently ease your wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, back, thighs, knees, calves and ankles through varying degrees of discomfort, breaking off only to give a little attention to those areas of your body you are in no position to protect? To lie on My rack is an act of supreme submission. To beg to experience its exquisite torture would be the ultimate act of trust. How far do you trust Me, pet?

  • Sensory Deprivation

    The blind hear so acutely. The deaf read mouths like a book. Take away one of our five senses and the others become so much more aware of their purpose. So when I deprive you of any of your senses your awareness of touch, pleasure and, most importantly, pain becomes so much more alert and sensitive. You will hear noises you do not undrstand. The sound of My heels on the dungeon floor will tease your anticipation to breaking point; I will touch you with a feather and you will scream, yet you will probably accept a higher level of pain than if you could see what I was actually doing to you. Please Me whilst denied your sight and soon you will once again be able to feast your eyes on My perfectly adorned body.

  • Hot Wax

    Feel the intense sensation of the molten liquid as it runs slowly down your chest, covers your backside, drips slowly on your tender nipples and sizzles scorchingly on your cock and balls. For the more obstinate of you I have some beautiful beeswax candles which burn at a rather higher temparature….

  • Smoking Fetish

    Your mouth has more than one purpose. Okay, you probably knew that, but you may not have thought of its usefulness as a recepticle for the waste product from My little vice of smoking. Watch the powerful image of your Mistress as She draws slowly, seductively on Her cigarette, then gently and with tantelising cruelty blows the smoke in your face. You ponder the silent question, your Mistress knows your silent answer, yet we both know that never in a million years could that ever happen. The ash drops in your mouth; will the cigarette be stubbed out thee too, or will you be one of the lucky ones your Mistress chooses to have the smouldering object slowly dragged down the entire length of your erect manhood, so much more intense than hot wax, yet somehow so much more intimate?

  • Boot Fetish

    I take great pride in My collection of the girl’s favourite accessory; footware. Admire My feet as I parade and pose for you in a variety of shoes and boots, high heeled, ankle length, skin tight, rubber, leather, thigh high; you name them, I’ve got them. Kiss them, clean them with your tongue, or just admire Me in them. Show enough respect and I might even allow you to remove them and to kiss My delicate little feet, but once again, don’t make assumptions; I’ll know within seconds of you walking through My door if you deserve to.

  • Spanking

    Like the Cuprinol advert, it does exactly what it says on the tin! Sample My hand, hairbrush, ruler, plimsole, a variety of leather, rubber and wooden paddles, some heavy, some light, some flexible, some hard, some with aerodynamic holes in them, tawses, all manner of whips, riding crops and canes. Bad boys get what they deserve; good boys even more so!

  • Fingernail Teasing

    I love cats, they are such spiritual beings, so elegant, indepenent, beautiful, unpredictable, and of course, worshipped throughout history. Rather like Mistresses, really, and my fingernails are my claws! Feel them scratch, pinch and dig into your tenderest parts as you are restrained, bound, helpless on my cross, my rack, my shackles. A form of pest control, really, so if I’m in control, we know what that makes you, don’t we now?

  • Maid Service

    I love to be served, waited on, have my every whim catered for as I snap my fingers and expect instant attention! Would you like to put on the uniform of a true servant, to be transformed into a pretty maid so that you really know your place? Yes, I thought as much! Go on, admire yourself in my fully mirrored chamber when I have finished transforming you. Once transformed you be ready to serve me or my firends silver service, clean our footware with your tongue, generally run round after us, making sure we are happy and content, after which you may even be granted the task of cleaning my dungeon.

  • Ice Play

    Another of nature’s little gifts, ice provides such a variety of sensations! I will relish watching you flinch as I apply a cube to your back, rubbing it up and down, knowing how annoying the cold water is to you as it runs all over your flesh! Applied constantly to the same point it produces a dull but slowly increasing pain; your rapidly shrinking manhood will throb with a deep ache, and being so slippery it takes a minimum of effort to insert a cube up your….(oh, really, do I have to go on?)

  • Shaving / Body Waxing Fetish

    Do you appreciate my beautifully smooth body, my delicate soft skin? Do you wish that your hard, hairy, masculine appearance to be a little less harsh? Well then, I have just the treat for you. The experience of having your bodily hairs removed using waxing strips can be both heavenly and exhilarating. The sudden pain as I pull on the wax strips is soon offset as the endorphines kick in. You must inform me by email that you wish to engage in this fetish to ensure that I have the correct items before hand

    The main attraction in shaving is the sense of vulnerability. The human skin – especially in the genital area – suddenly becomes very soft and the feeling is totally different. To many submissives a shaven genital area is a secret sign of submission. The submissive feels it every day, maintaining it is an act of surrender and a powerful reminder of his place. It can also be a very humiliating experience, if that is what you are into.

  • Key Holding Service

    I love to control the sexual urges of my wayward slaves. I offer a chastity key holding service for those of you who liked to be controlled by a powerful lady.

    Before I commence this service you must have a 2 hour session with me so that I can assess your suitability and comittment.

    You will then agree to purchase a “The Curve”, CB-2000, CB-3000 with a plastic padlock with a serial number (these are more comfortable and the padlocks can be cut in case of emergencies). I will keep a record of the serial number to ensure that you are not cheating and removing the device between visits. You will return to my sanctum so I can fit the chastity device for a specific period. You will then hand over the keys for me to keep.

    In the beginning I would suggest that you return after about 5 -7 days so that I can check the device or adjust it as necessary, and to see you are not having problems with the it. You must contact Me immediately if there are any problems.

    Depending on the level of trust and obiedence that you achieve with Me I may remove the device and command you to improve your hygiene standards. I may then decide to amuse myself and torment you even further, replacing your chastity device for another (longer) period of time.

    Occasionally I may have you checked by one of my friends.

    This activity is subject to a signed agreement by all parties involved, including your spouse, and matters can be discussed in more detail during the preliminary session.

  • Confinement Cell

    I have a specialy designed holding cell for those of you who crave isolation from the outside world. As you will be left on your own for a considerable period of time it is not a service that I offer to anyone I have not seen before.

    You wil be expected to bring a short note to Me outlining your misdemeanours before I pass sentence and your imprisonment begins.

    Internment sessions last from a minimum of 4 hour to a maximum of 6 hours. They will normally commence at 10a.m. (for the 4 hour session) so that if the need arises I can book another prisoner in to commence at 3p.m. If you wish to have longer stays in my confinment cell  these can be arranged after an initial trial period.

    Prior to being interned in the cell you will wash and be checked  for any contraband. This will include an anal examination and you will be dressed  either in high visability overalls or white paper overalls. You may even be required to stay in the cell naked. Whilst in the holding cell you will receive basic rations of bread, cheese and water.

    If I have another session in progress a heavy curtain will be drawn across the cell. You will be checked periodically for your general well being.

    You can also arrange to receive the a mild or heavy caning session, a light to heavy flogging or a light to heavy smacking session either before or after the confinement period (or even both; go on, be brave!), starting and/or leaving the session with a sore backside.

    Confinement sessions need not only be held during the day; night stays are possible but must be arranged with Me beforehand. You will be required to book this scenario approximatley 7 – 14 days prior to the date. A non returnable deposit is required for confinement sessions, please contact Me for details.

  • Boot Cleaning

    This speaks for itself, really, but my collection of boots is VERY extensive, and they’re not exactly ankle boots either ! There are acres of leather to be kept in pristine condition and I will expect them to be thoroughly cleaned with your tongue before I tower over you, flogger in hand, as you polish away. As a reward you may be allowed to kiss your handiwork after I put it on.

  • Hair Pulling

    This splendid activity can be teasingly gentle or sudden and violent. Hairs can be slowly plucked, one by one (the area around the temples usually produces some interesting and satisfying reactions) or I can yank your head back violently with a whole handful as I get impatient in my interrogation of you. Bald ? Hair grows in other places too….. lol!

  • Spitting / Slapping

    Another activity which really speaks for itself. I often use this as part of an interrogation scenario, but I can also use it, out of context, as an activity in its own right, simply because I enjoy it. That enjoyment may or may not be shared by you…..!


Activities I do NOT enjoy and will not consider under any circumstances:


  • Adult baby
  • Breath play heavy
  • Catheters
  • Brown showers
  • Hanging scenarios
  • Outdoor scenes
  • Roman showers
  • Switch games
  • Animals and children
  • Brown showers
  • Cutting
  • Wrestling
  • Hard sports
  • Rimming
  • Scarification
  • Wrestling


If there is a fantasy not mentioned above, please contact me for further information. I am always open to new suggestions.

I always use a safe word and you will NEVER be left unattended in the chambers.

I am very particular about my own personal hygiene and am pleased to be able to offer luxury 5* bathroom facilities for your use before and after every session at the Leeds Chambers.


You must inform Mistress of any medical condition you have prior to the session. Leeds�Mistress Davina will not tolerate substance abuse or alcohol in her chamber.

Mistress Davina’s time is valuable so please do not waste it. If you do need to cancel an appointment then please let me know in good time. Contact details.

Fond Regards,

Leeds and Bradford Mistress Davina,

Leeds and Bradford Chambers of Depravation

Email info@mistressdavina.com

Mobile 07732472515.

Chamber Hire www.aleedschamber.co.uk

Any Complaints regarding the Leeds/Bradford Chambers of Depravation are invited to email me directly at info@mistressdavina.com. All details will be dealt with the utmost discretion.